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15 minutes from Grand-Mère, The Mauricie National Park is a 536-km2 Canadian National Park located in the Mauricie region of Quebec.

An internationally renowned tourist complex that will give you a unique visitor experience. You will experience an exciting adventure where history and science go hand in hand to help you discover the industry that has shaped our existence for over a century.

An ideal ski resort for winter lovers, close to Shawinigan, for adults and children alike. Downhill skiing, tobogganing, tubing, snowshoeing, everything is planned for you to have a great time of intense fun.

Authentik Canada has classified this road as the first of the most beautiful scenic roads in Quebec and if you park in Shawinigan, don’t miss it for its beautiful scenery.

Symbol of our city, this rock is located at the foot of the gîte, and tells its story that I let you discover ...

A multi-recreational complex offering various activities to be done alone, with family or among friends. Treat yourself to the ultimate comfort of one of the theatres, have fun on the aisles of small or large bowling pins, have fun in the cozy billiard lounge, relax at the bar watching a hockey game on the giant screen or simply enjoy a delicious snack.

In Shawinigan, there is a place for those who love thrills or simply for fun and fresh air. Mawimum Aventure offers you the rental of mountain bikes and snowmobiles on and off trails and many other motorized vehicles to devour our network of well-maintained trails that take you all over Quebec Shawinigan,

You can also rent quads, boats, spiders, or even drive a Mustang if you want.

Founded in 1910, this semi-private golf course is one of the oldest golf courses in Canada.
In typical Scottish style, designed by Frederik de Peyster Townsen and completed by Walter J. Travis, it has been designed according to the purest of traditions.
With 18 holes totalling 6471 verges, the Grand-Mère Golf Club is renowned for the challenge of its valleys, the exceptional quality of its greens and century-old trees.

Located on the banks of the Saint-Maurice River and two minutes from the city center, Melville Island Park is home to two islands (Melville and Banane), a mountain and a large wooded area.

Various activities are offered throughout the year: Tree in Tree aerial accomodation for young and old, cycling in an enchanting setting, swimming pool, marina, boat rental, hiking trails, tube slides, alpine skiing, 15 km of marked cross-country trails and 10 km of snowshoe trails.

The Parc of River Shawinigan is an ideal place for those who enjoy hiking without it being too difficult, perfect for beginners who will discover a route to be done along the river.

This multi-purpose linear bike path crosses a mixed woodland along the Shawinigan River.You can admire three waterfalls located in different places. The Thibodeau-Ricard trail has a historical vocation. Along the river to Shawinigan Bay, remains of dams and one of the first seismographs to be installed in North America will be discovered.

At 5 mn by car from Manoir du Rocher you will experience an extraordianry experience discovery nature as you have never seen it!


You are here in the kingdom pf snowshoeing and another ideal place for hiking.

If you love nature and the great outdoors, welcome to the wonderful world of dog sledding with the cold winter weather, the storms, the dogs and the wood-heated musher's cottage as before.

It is with the Expeditions of 100 Lakes in Saint-Elie-de-Caxton that we propose this activity. It's almost 150 kilometers of trails, sometimes for beginners, sometimes for talented people ...

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