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Grand-mère, Québec

Shawinigan River Park is a great place for those who enjoy hiking without being too difficult, perfect for beginners who will discover a course to do along the river.


This multifunctional linear bike path crosses a mixed woodland along the Shawinigan River. There are three waterfalls located in different places. The Thibodeau-Ricard Trail has a historical vocation. Along the river to Shawinigan Bay, we will find remains of dams and one of the first seismographs to have been installed in North America.

We offer these two trails:

The Thibodeau-Ricard Trail and the Shawinigan River Park Trail.

With lengths of 1.2 km and 3.8 km respectively, these trails have little vertical drop, just 60m for the Thibodeau-Ricard Trail.


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