Le Manoir du Rocher

Grand-mère, Québec

Eating is always a pleasure and knowing where to go is sometimes a puzzle. Here in Shawinigan, there are restaurants for all tastes, all budgets, and when you're off or when you come to work, we like to go for dinner or dinner, in short, enjoy a good time with friends or in family around a good meal.

We have selected for you some very nice restaurants around the Manoir du Rocher and already we wish you an excellent appetite!

Le Trou du Diable

trou du diable_edited_edited.png

Institution in the region, the microbrewery Le Trou du Diable is a place of taste discoveries. Here, you will have the chance to enjoy unique beers that will satisfy your taste buds, just as your appetite will be satiated by its bistro cuisine highlighting local products. Do not miss it if you are in the area.

Broue pub & Restaurant
819 537-9151
412, avenue Willow
Shawinigan, Québec

For 20 years, the St-Antoine has been welcoming you in a chic and casual romantic style.
Its French-based cuisine with Italian inspirations is presented with a touch sometimes modern, sometimes classic.
Always a must for restaurants "Bring your own wine", the St-Antoine offers its classics such as mussels, seafood and filet mignon.
To spend a pleasant evening in a unique atmosphere, the warm team of St-Antoine will be happy to welcome you.

Le St-Antoine


Italian-inspired cooking


819 538-6421
3651, Chemin Ste-Flore
Shawinigan, Québec


The Zélé, the inescapable new little bistro-style restaurant with a unique character. We highly recommend it, the food is extremely good and everything is cooked on site with always fresh products. The card changes often. On the slate, a large place is made to local products.

Le Zélé

Little bistro-style restaurant
819 729-0466
3230, Chemin Ste-Flore
Shawinigan, Québec

For its classic cuisine: beef bib, bluefin tuna and mussels. Discover a nice restaurant and a delicious menu, as well as wines at affordable prices. A specialty: veal liver, onions and bacon.


La Pointe à Bernard

French style restaurant
819 537-5553
692, 4e Rue de la Pointe
Shawinigan, Québec


La Cité d'Angkor

Cambodian cuisine
819 536-2488
880, Promenade du St-Maurice
Shawinigan, Québec

The City of Angkor Restaurant has been serving Cambodian family cuisine since 2005.
The daughter, son and son-in-law having taken the reins, they welcome you to their new premises overlooking the magnificent St-Maurice River, proud of a new image and a new decor courtesy of Don Carlo and Catherine Catherine.
Do not forget your wine and / or your beer!

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