Le Manoir du Rocher

Grand-mère, Québec

The Rock of  Grand-Mere

Grandma's profile

No need to go far, the Grand-Mère Rock is located 5 meters from the Manor. Well oriented you will see the profile of the Grandmother. Stop and listen to what the legend says.


The legend

A great Amerindian chief once lived in our region.

One day, her only daughter became in love with a tribe adventurer. The father placed a condition on their marriage: the young man had to bring him a boat filled with quality furs. On a rock in the center of the falls, the lovers made a promise to be faithful no matter what.


Then the brave left for his great hunt. He never came back. His fiancée watched his return all his life.


Became old, she begged the Great Spirit to leave a sign of farewell to her lover.

When she died, a flash of light struck the rock in the middle of the falls.

It carved the figure of the old Amerindian who was still looking in the distance.

That's why the Algonquians named this fall "Kokomis", that is to say "your grandmother", hence the toponym of the city of Grand-Mère, founded in 1898.

Fifteen years later, the rock was transported to a municipal park to make way for a hydroelectric power station.