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Grand-mère, Québec

The road 155: one of the most beautiful roads in Quebec

Before you hit the roads during your trip to Quebec, it is necessary to trace your route on your road map. This can be a difficult exercise for a tourist who has never set foot in the beautiful province.

                                     has classified this road as the first of the most beautiful scenic roads in Quebec and if you park in Shawinigan, do not miss it especially for its beauty of the landscapes.



Highway 155 between Shawinigan and La Tuque

The section of Route 155 is the one along the beautiful and historic St-Maurice River, between Shawinigan and La Tuque. Here, the St-Maurice River offers postcard landscapes.

This river is also an important part of our history since it was at the center of the epic lumberjacks. The loggers used this river to transport the wood to the mills of Trois-Rivières. 


This scenic route is so beautiful that even Tourisme Mauricie has turned it into a tourist circuit that they have wisely called the Route des Rivières.


A pause: Cross the beautiful region, do not miss a picnic or a simple stop to stretch at the falls of the Petite Rivière Bostonnais.


Saint-Jean des Piles


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