Dog Sleds

If you love nature, adventure and the outdoors, you are about to enter the world of dog sledding with all the cold winters, snowstorms, dogs and the wood-heated Musher cottage. as before.


The 100 Lakes Expeditions Inc. is almost 150 kilometers of trails sometimes for beginners, sometimes for talented ones. There are more than 125 well-trained dogs ready to run for you for a one-hour, half-day, full-day hike with a nice mid-day meal.

It's adventure that has dog!

What if I told you about sled dogs? Husky or Alaskan you'll love them all! Come and see Harley from a racing champion family, the adored Sky who still sleeps on the roof of his huge, slender niche! Hookie the mascot of the field, Choko who tells us bye bye when he sees us passing close to him and many having all the "little je ne sais quoi".

So, to be a more complete, here are the services you will find;

WALK 1 hour (about 8 to 10 km)

This first type of ride is for most curious dog sledding is the type of activity they want in their luggage outdoors.

Canine emotions to predict!

WALK 2 hours (about 15 km)

She is the intermediary between the full day and the 1 hour ride. She is the ride par excellence to test our goodwill to try it.

Two hours of trail, lakes and forests!

FULL DAY (between 30 and 40 Km)

t's a 4-hour walk, it's for those who say "so much to go, we go for real".

For all information, on the disposals and rates, you can contact directly from us

Fred Manseau au (819) 852-3535.